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Hi again,
I have read most of the reports published on this site and one common thread I noticed is that most itchy attacks occur in autumn and leading into winter. It seems not many attacks occur in summer and that should tell us something - ie there is a positive correlation between lack of heat and/or sunlight and increased attack of itchiness. Is it a Vitamin D deficiency? Some doctor or expert should investigate this correlation. Secondly, yes after winter sinus aggravation is caused by all the new seeds and pollen in the air. However I don't think sinus problems cause itchiness on the forearms and elbow regions. It is too localized. Do you sleep on a latex/rubber mattress or foam mattress and use an electric blanket to pre-heat the bed in winter months? That is the only difference in our household that changed in recent months and both my wife and I contracted itchy arms at the same time (mine worse than hers). Neither of us have experienced this problem before. This is too much of a coincidence to say the least. Initially I thought it was insect bites such as Kangaroo ticks or pepper ticks. I've been bitten by them before and they cause severe itching and take many months to go away. The red itchy areas can recur again years later in the same spots if bitten again by another tick. They have a nasty virus they inject into your body that can remain for a very long time. Hmm - I'm bewildered. Are you bushwalking or hiking in the countryside in forests and tall grasses where ticks are prevalent?

August 26, 2016 - 6:40am


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