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I experienced this beginning in July of 2014. I itched for 18 months before finding this article/site. It was such a relief to know I wasnt crazy. I already used laundry products with no dye or perfume, I went on a 17 day fast to eliminate possible food related allergies (no change), I changed my shampoo, body soap, deodorant, I stopped wearing perfume. Years ago I began to only wear cotton, silk or rayon. I went to the dermatologist, allergist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, voodoo priest (okay I made that one up), and finally a new general MD (I am new to this area and needed a new Dr anyway)
In my case, this is 100% because of my neck. So I am firmly in the camp that believes this to be a compression of the 6th cervical vertebrae. My new Dr made me a compound cream of Gabapentin, lidocaine, and a few other ingredients, sent me to physical therapy for 8 weeks and I was cured! I have never been so happy or grateful. It lasted A blissful 4 months. Then I went to Germany on a work trip, and while the bed was comfortable the pillows were horrible. On the return trip home I started to itch again, this time at my elbows. This has been almost 2 months now. I'm on my way in an hour back to my chiropractor and physical therapy. I pick up my new compound cream after PT. SIGH.
So the moral of my story is that I need to take my pillow with me wherever I go. I am a side sleeper and have a pillow for that.
I just know that this was coming from inside me (my brain, literally), and had nothing to do with my skin. Ice packs are the only real relief when the nerve endings are firing. I do live in a sunny climate, but my itching has never changed because of season or exposure.

Hopefully now that I know what to do, once this has resolved (again), I can be itch free forever!

I wish that for all of you, too!!!

August 29, 2016 - 7:30am


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