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Hello! I hope this reply works - it will be my 3rd attempt to answer.
Yes! It is Gabapentin. Here is the cream breakdown: Piroxicam, 0.2 %, Gabapentin, 3%, lidocaine, 2%, prilocaine, 2%, impramine 1%, ibuprofen, 2.4%. My itching has always been worse at night, which makes sense. As gravity pulls you down during the day it compresses your neck and spine (you're always taller in the morning). I am again having very good success with physical therapy, neck traction, chiropractic and the cream. I haven't used the cream at all in 4 or 5 nights. I have never had any alteration of symptoms in the sun or not being in the sun. I shower at night and happen to like hot showers, and sometimes the hot water will aggravate my arms, but because I've been scratching them and the skin is irritated. I'm not discounting the sun theory, I just know for me it's my neck.
I hope you can find a Dr that will listen. I find typically Dr's don't care for it much when a patient has self diagnosed, but after the bristling, my new Dr listened to what I had to say, admitted she wanted to study it further, and gave me what I needed. I was initially surprised at the PT, but it worked! Especially the neck traction. I think that helps a LOT. GREAT luck to you! If I can answer anything else let me know. Hopefully I will be successful in posting this reply!

September 15, 2016 - 7:03am


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