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So, I am writing this from a spouse's perspective.
My wife has had this issue for the last 8-9 years. Summer unbearable itching that calms near winter, colder months. Exactly what is described in this article and forum.

My first request is for a personal request for the name of a doctor in the Southern California area, near North OC area (Anywhere within the few surrounding counties). Please personally message me with the name of a local doctor that we won't have to convince or educate them around BP - Brachioradial Pruritus. I would like to find a physician that has the option to provide the (Piroxicam .2%; Gabapentin 3%; Lidocaine 2%; Prilocaine 2%; Impramine 1%; Ibuprofen 2.4%) and/or Advantan 0.1% 15G compound cream ointment or anything that is topical that can provide my wife relief.

I have no problem letting a physician diagnose the issue and determine the best protocol for the problem. What I have an issue with, is "turning/educating" a physician around. That their 4-5 options they know for these symptoms, don't work. They aren't broadening their scope of issues/solutions enough to resolve the problem. Most physicians run out of ideas and turn to depression and psychological drugs, which is frustrating when you can't sleep, wanting to take a steak knife to your arm, etc... This problem is similar to Fibromyalgia back just a few years ago. Doctors/Physicians used that, once they came up with the word, as a garbage can until just a couple of years ago. It was always viewed as mental instability and psychological problems. The sad thing is, once you get FM and other Auto Immune Issues, you become more susceptible to more problems being lopped on....

This issue is tough to watch a loved one go through because you need to eat well, exercise, sleep well, etc… Those that have this, know that the itching doesn't stop at bed time, it ramps up. Once you stay up going crazy with this itchy arm, it piles up and doesn't allow you to freely exercise, sleep well, etc..

November 16, 2016 - 2:00am


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