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What has given my wife relief, is what gives everyone relief. Cold….
Her favorites over the last 8-9 years are (for the day time), the Rite-Aid Reusable Cold Packs that have the bubbles that freeze(Similar to the CryoMAX Reusable Cold Packs - Likely at any Rite-Aid type store). These last for a long time and she can put a light cloth between or over a light shirt, will protect her are.

For the evenings, she uses packs similar to "Nature Creation Relief Packs". We have both the bubble cold packs and these cloth packs in our freezer. Note: There are quite a few sites for DIY or you can even pick them up from Goodwill at times. Depending on the size of your itching surface, you can choose between the shoulder wraps, back packs, etc… Any of those well built packs, can be frozen and for my wife, weren't so cold to damage the skin. The day bubble packs could get too cold and she didn't like to use them at night. At times at night, she would have to get a fresh cold pack from the freezer in the middle of the night if it was an extreme night.

November 16, 2016 - 2:01am


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