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HERWriter (reply to SpearFishing1)

Hello SpearFishing 1,

I am sorry your wife has had such difficulty but glad she has at least found a couple of things that help her.

I do not know of a doctor to help in So. Cal but what I suggest people do is go to Castle Connelly's website to find doctors in the speciality area and part of the country.  You want to get the names of those to call and determine if they have knowledge to help you.  

Their website: https://www.castleconnolly.com

Call a found doctor's office and ask to speak to either a nurse manager or the most experienced nurse in the office to determine if the doctor has experience in the area you need.

A word about drugs that are for depression. Some of those depression drugs such as Elavil have properties that make them reduce nerve driven pain. Itching can be from nerve irritation so don't write off trying one of these types to block those erroneous impulses that are perpetuating the itch.

The direction to pursue in terms of finding a doctor is to try and determine if the problem is dermatologically driven or neurologically driven.  If it is neurological, then a chronic pain doctor may also be worth visiting.  

Let us know how it goes,

take care,




November 16, 2016 - 2:07pm


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