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My left arm from my shoulder down right before my elbow but in the crevice of my arm where my arm bends by my armpit gets pretty itchy this is going on to two years and when I first noticed it itching it was while I was going to a tanning salon so after a while I stopped and the itching went away after a while and a few years later I decided to go tanning again and after a while I noticed my arm started itching again and it was the same arm so I eventually stopped tanning thinking it was going to stop again but this time it hasn't stopped I've seen like 5 doctors had blood work no creams help they tell me that it's coming from inside me only on the left arm which I don't understand it didn't seem like it did start calming down a lot but I am noticing now I think because it's so hot out it made it start and get even worse so I definitely think Heat sets It Off! I literally want to rip my hair out out of nowhere I'll just get such an intense itch and sometimes no matter how much I itch it it just keeps itching I have no idea what to do about it when I first started I was icing it every day which did help but it always came back if anybody has any suggestions for me please contact me these doctors obviously don't know what they're talking about

June 20, 2017 - 7:00pm


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