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It's me again! I've been watching this section for 12 months now. I never had this itching symptom on my arms before until last year. It started during the winter months here in Perth, WA. I almost scratched my arms off and scars developed through the irresistible scratching. I tried all home and backyard remedies to no avail and it just got worse. So I went to my doctor who prescribed to me a cream called Advantan 0.1% 15G and it cured the itchiness and scars like a miracle. Guess what? It started again just a few weeks ago on the onset of winter here in Perth. So the cold weather has something to do with it and my hunch is the dry air. Perhaps a good moisturiser applied regularly on your skin will bring relief? However I had to get another script from my doctor for more Advantan cream. I re-applied Advantan 0.1% 15G again on my arms and after a few days all itching and the small corpuscles (blisters) underneath the skin have disappeared. I strongly recommend Advantan 0.1% because it works for me (and another friend who gets it all over his body!!). However do speak to your doctor who will diagnose you, if not, seek a specialist or second or third opinion. Everybody is different and please don't self-diagnose because you may be wrong. Good luck and I hope you find a cure or some soothing relief quickly.

June 21, 2017 - 6:40pm


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