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I found something that is working for me!
Have had this problem for 10-15 years, starts in the summer and goes away late fall. Worse when I am at rest, if I am keeping busy with my hands then not so noticeable. Tried the creams-ointments-home remedies-chiropractors, MRIs - lyrica, etc. Ice helps but is only temporary relief. Avoiding the sun also helped as did avoiding caffeine which seemed to exacerbate it . Trying to sleep was awful and thought I would lose my mind!
This summer it started again, used wet cloths and lyric to fight it off. Then spoke with my primary care physician and asked her if she would give me a kenalog injection in my arm. This has worked for me, been 3 weeks, have some slight sensations from time to time and have not taken any lyrica since 4 days after the injection. Able to work outside in the sun, drink a cola once in awhile, and sleep through the night. Life is good again.

July 30, 2017 - 7:05pm


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