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I am actually using one right now as I type this. It does work to alleviate the pain at the time which helps me get some sleep. The one I am borrowing shuts off after 15 minutes so I do have to turn it back on. I’m going to check some other units before purchasing one (I’m currently on vacation visiting friends). Unfortunately while out during day I was going insane with the itch. I caused bleeding which my husband had to point out. I do carry a T-gel spray with me that is put out by Neutrogena which is an overnight dandruff treatment with Salicylic acid 2%. It does help me but it’s impossible to find. I saw it on the internet recently and my mom happened to have it - not a cream but a spray. The tens unit is working temporarily but I am desperate for long term relief. Good luck because others either don’t believe you or don’t understand!

October 7, 2017 - 7:46pm


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