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Hi, it's me again.
Well here in Perth WA it is still winter and the BP symptoms are trying to come back again. This is now routine for me for the past 3 years so it tells me that the symptoms are related to the colder weather, ie the inherently cold dry air characteristic of winter months. It only affects my forearms around the elbow area and usually the right arm only and not the left arm as much. I apply Advantan cream and the itchiness etc goes away within a day. I will get relief for about a week or sometimes 2-3 weeks or more and it might try and reappear. I just apply a small dab of Advantan cream and rub it into my skin and presto it goes away again.
See your doctor for a diagnosis and ask your doctor if Advantan cream is beneficial for you. Hope you find some relief and a cure soon. Also as a possible aid, try doing some moderate daily neck and shoulder exercises.

August 12, 2018 - 6:43pm


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