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I used to have a problem with extremely itchy arms, but it also affected my legs, especially around my ankles. I finally mentioned it to my doctor. I showed him how I was scratching my arms so raw it looked like a rash but wasn't, just the scratches. I told him I was using baby oil after showers. He said that was my problem. According to him the mineral oil was leaching vitamin E out of my skin causing a vitamin E deficiency. He recommended I get some pure vitamin E oil for my skin and avoid all mineral oil. It worked, the itching ended immediately and this treatment has worked for 30 years. Pure vitamin E oil used to be hard to find 30 years ago, there was one pharmacy that carried bottles of it. Nowadays it is easily available and there are many more mainstream brands. But beware if you are going to try this, just because the front of the bottle says vitamin E you need to check the ingredients to make sure mineral oil isn't in there as a cheap filler. Vitamin E oils and lotions will be plant based, ie: safflower, sunflower, olive, castor, walnut, or other plants/seeds. Cheap enough to try to see if it relieves the itching.

January 10, 2019 - 3:06pm


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