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I have had this issue for the last five years. It is painful like a burning sensation and comes to the surface of my skin as itch but is a signal for pain. I sleep with ice packs to relieve the itch and wake up constantly. I scratch till I bleed all over the sheets and the ice is the only thing that helps. I live in Florida. It used to start always in August so I thought it was poison Ivy because every year end of July I was in Colorado and going through trails that had warning signs of poison ivy. It wasn't that. I have had 3 doctors and 2 dermatologists look at it. One took a biopsy and found nothing. The other said I had BP and to get a steroid cream immediately to clear up the horrible secondary issue I had caused by scratching my arms (at night being the worst) till they were raw. He also said to stop using the naturopathic oils like melaleuca (tea trea oil) or vitamin E, arnica and that my skin was reacting in a more inflamed way. He said I had a pinched nerve in my C3/4 and to get to a chiropractor to alleviate this pain. I feel like that helped for a few months but then it came back. It was only on my right arm but the last month went to my left arm and now is on both. It comes and goes and I am in constant pain. I had an antihistamine shot to the hip (very strong) and was given strong antihistamine tablets by prescription only. I've used creams and lotions of all kinds. I now have schedules to see an acupuncturist and to have a food allergy testing. I already have cut out so many things that I think could cause ellergic reactions. Gluten, milk and milk products, soy and soybean products and now all corn. One thing that has helped just a bit is CBD oil that I put directly on the scratches but it doesn't help after an hour or two. I thought it was shingles, but it is only on my arms so can't be that...and though it sometimes looks like a small blister like chicken pox, I was actually hopeful that was iwhat it was so I could take that vaccine they give for shingles. BTW, I am a triathlete and very healthy but this started right as I was turning 50 so my acupuncturist is checking my hormones now and my lower digestive track to make sure that is not causing my nerves to react in my arms. So much to consider!!! But the fact remains that it's painful, unattractive, & could be an auto immune disorder and I will do anything to cure it! I still do the chiropractic exercises because I do believe it is nerve related and am thankful you all were writing about this on this site. May this review help and may we find an answer to what we are all experiencing.

July 1, 2019 - 12:19pm


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