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My wife (now 44) and I was early in our dating that summer afternoon five years ago when standing on my back deck a wasp came out from under a bamboo tiki torch where it and several others had nested. It stung her on the forearm and we treated it as a minor sting that it was. However, over the next few days intense itching began and it has not relented. It starts every year just around the peak of the summer heat late July August and lasts into early winter. After several visits to primary care physician and dermatologist it was diagnosed as brachioradial-pruritus brought on by nerve damage from the wasp sting. It must had been a precision strike by a smart wasp. Needless to say, the sting was at just the right place to precipitate to anguish it has caused. She began using ice both day and night and nearly all of the over the counter topical itching products then a roll-on product called Icy-Hot which is now a must have. The itching is described exactly as I am reading from other comments on this forum. The scratching on her arms (at night being the worst) till they were raw and bleeding. Then even at work in a climate-controlled office building it’s just the same. At its worst it’s to the point of mind alternating madness simply because the itching simply won’t stop. She takes Benadryl as a last resort and it knocks her out. Needless to say, the quality of life is degraded by this intense ailment which seems to have no cure. It was only on her left arm but this year it has migrated to also the right arm. It comes and goes and when it hits, she is in constant itching and scratching mode and being distracted from a meaningful quality of life. One doctor suggested cervical nerve damage as the root cause but it doesn’t make sense to us knowing it all started with a simple wasp sting to the arm and she hasn’t been in any violent trauma. There seems to be little known about this ailment but I am going to ask the question anyway because we are so desperate. Is there not a brachioradial-pruritus specialist or nerve block option clinic in this country or another that can end the itching for good? We are like many other sufferers desperate for a permanent solution.

October 4, 2019 - 5:38am


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