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Hi Ncharm,
I know all this is difficult for you. As Dr. Sarrel said, take this all one step at a time. Work on your breast issues first if possible, and then get to your uterine issue. You may want to look at options and what is available. Finally, I know it may be hard to not be sentimental about your body parts. You no doubt are going through a lot right now. I have commented on many of your posts. I feel for you, and hope you will look into some support groups in addition to seeking the good medical care you need right now. Rely on friends and relatives if you can. I too value my breasts and uterus, but (so help me) if any of them start causing trouble, I will kick them to the curb so fast without blinking twice. My life and my family are more important. What do you think about this?
If you would like help finding resources for support groups, etc. let us know. We are here to support, inspire and help wherever we can.

March 3, 2011 - 9:04am


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