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I also got the red rash after eating Shitake mushrooms. Went to the Dr, he prescribed Panafcortelone (Prednisolene 25mg). The Dr advised that where the rashes are long red lines, they are caused by scratching during my sleep (see Dermographia), otherwise it comes out in small red lumps, some with watery centres. They lumps are in my scalp, forehead, arms, hands (palms and forehand), upper/lower legs and anus. The same small lumps are also in my mouth, along the gums and on rear roof of my mouth. The Panafcortelone seems to have eased the symptoms and I am only 5 hours into the first course. I hopes this helps others out who seem to be having problems finding a solution. I ate some raw Shitakes after soaking. Will ensure I soak and cook thoroughly (boil the hell out of them) next time and cut off the stems prior to cooking.

January 7, 2015 - 11:36pm


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