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I am going through an outbreak now. I had an asian dish of curry on Monday 12/21/2015 at work, went through a lunch line, picked fresh veggies that included shiitake mushrooms, picked my protein and it was cooked in front of me for a short time then topped with curry sauce. The meal was great and loved the mushrooms but they didn't love me back. I had no clue what it was until I google searched slash rash and up popped all this info on Shiitake Mushroom reaction and the images matched mine perfectly. I have been taking benedryl (2 every 4 hours) which help with the itching and covering all my blisters with lamisil. Yes, the foot fungus cream. I figured the mushroom was a fungus and the blistery rash was similar to a foot fungus so that is what I chose. It helps greatly. I went a day without taking the meds and putting on the cream and I suffered. I still have some itching but without the cream it was like having hundreds of fire ants on my hands. It will get better and then you will see new stuff appear but for the most part it has to take its course. I hate taking meds, especially steroid type meds so I opted not to see a doc and self treat (no fever, airways were open and no danger of infecting my eyes that I could see) Had any one of these occured I would have got myself to the doc. It has worked for me. I know others can have a more serious reaction that will close up your airway... SEE YOUR DOC If your airways are good and you just look like you got a whip lashing and blistery rash, this has worked well for me. I have avoided scratching to the best of my ability and everything is drying up and going away. I am on my 6th day, no more blisters at least, which were ALL over my hands, face, lips, head, private areas, legs and arms, basically everywhere. Still have the slash looking rash on my bum and legs but the ones on my sides have gone away with remnants of the outbreak, little red specks everywhere. I hope this helps someone as I didn't have a clue how to treat or if I was contagious or not. Which I wasn't. Happy shiitake dermatitis to you!!

December 29, 2015 - 10:40am


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