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I have had TN for about 5 months. at first it was unbearable. i did extensive online research and decided the best course of action was the natural one. i take b-12 oral supp and a mix of the b's in oral supp. magnesium, vitamin e, zinc, calcium, a vitamin d tablet plus 10 minutes a day of sun in order to obtain the natural version of this vitamin, folic acid, vitamin c and occasionally turmeric which is a natural anti inflamatory. So far i am 2 months in partial and 1 month in complete remission. Hope this helps someone out there. Note, i did do 1 round of steriods and 2 weeks or mild anti depressants at the beginning but after doing the research and experiencing the side effects of these drugs, i decided to try the natural route. Will post and share any new findings with all. God bless u and good luck. Never give up.

September 24, 2012 - 6:02am


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