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Hello! I was due to get my period May 1st. I usually have a 32-34 day cycle. My DH and I had sex on April 29th ,2 days before period, but the condom slipped off during intercourse. He had not ejaculated yet. He takes Prozac so he hasn't ejaculated in over 2 1\2 months since we became intimate again after having some medical issues on his part. Anyway, my chart says I ovulated on the 14 th of April. After the condom slipped off we stopped immediately and I took a plan B within 2 hours of the condom coming off. I am 170 lbs, besides my weight, what is the likelihood that the plan b worked. I was way past my ovulation window seeing as though I was due to get my period in 2 days. I haven't gotten my period yet (dueMay1st.) and I've had a negative pregnancy test as of the 5th. It may be too soon to test but I thought I'd give it a shot. Could the Plan B have stopped my period from starting on time? What are the chances I could be pregnant?I've also had some cramping today (may8th) like I'm going to get my period but no blood as of yet. Thank you in advance.

May 8, 2017 - 4:47pm


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