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It's been a few weeks since my first comment about this and just wanted to give an update in light of your reply in case it helps you at all. I never went in for the CT Scan but I had an X-ray done at an urgent care. The X-ray actually showed a severe fecal blockage indicating constipation, so it turns out that's what it was for me.

I will say that I've never had constipation that bad before in my life and it lasted over a week before I saw any improvement at all. I do think the plan B may have been the culprit as some of what I've read online does list possible side effects of constipation (though I can't confirm the reliability of the sources and I'm not a doctor).

If you think yours might also be bad constipation I would highly recommend eating one or two cups of yogurt a day. I ate yogurt, granola, and fruit regularly for about a week and it definitely helped (I was able to use the restroom after every time I ate it, and even though the constipation took a while to clear up completely, the daily bowel movements after eating the yogurt helped relieve some of the pain little by little).

Hope this helps and hope you feel better!

December 3, 2017 - 1:29am


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