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I need advice asap!! On tuesday 12th i had sex and my bf cummed in me, i took the plan B on the same day then on saturday 16th the same thing happened and i took another plan B. I am used to taking plan B but not twice in a week or twice in a month. I was supposed to have my period on 20th but i got some spotting the very next day i took the 2nd plan B which is sunday the 17th. It stopped and then on tuesday 19th i started having my normal period and i had severe cramps. But i am really worried since it's the 25th today and my period has not stopped till now. And the bleeding has not even reduced it is still the same as day 1 of my period. My lower abdomen is aching i feel like my uterus is gonna collapse at any time. Is it normal to experience this after taking 2 ipills in a week or i should be worried??

December 25, 2017 - 2:37am


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