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I am a guy, 23 years old. Women you don't need to take offense really you should feel good if he's masturbating after sex. It means you really turned him on and he wants more orgasms. Unlike you women it's near impossible for us to get multiple orgasms in one session of sex. Usually it's one as we blow our loads you. Personally I masturbate about a half hour after sex with my fiancee. It has nothing to do with her not be adequate (quite the opposite actually). You see after we cum once it's harder to cum the second time even with a half hour break between so some times since we know how to get ourselves off a little better (after all it's our own penis) we can achieve another orgasm more easily. Also if you are asleep we don't want to be a dick and wake you up so that's why we play with our dicks ourselves. I'm sure if you don't fall asleep right away and wait a bit of time he may want to go at it again. I least I would I love my fiancee's vagina!

August 30, 2016 - 7:42pm


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