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I am 65, he is 60. I stayed with him 20 years. Take it from me; an MSW degreed woman myself, it will NEVER get better. He was narcissistic the whole of our union; I rarely could get a word in edgewise; he blamed me for everything (even when he'd find the missing object, where he'd left it). never ever appologized, was a hoarder, I was never allowed to be right or have an opinion. I supported this man with every fiber of my body, literally, until one day I just couldn't do it anymore. I went to counseling, I became med compliant for depression (it is hopeless). I told him "meds or me", after he spent the mortgage gambling, and wrecked the car for the hundredth time. He chose crazy over me. It was a party for him; it was pure hell every single day for 20 years for me. DONT DO IT. Don't waste your life on any bipolar who is not med compliant. YOU will absolutely get nothing from the relationship and it will age you 200 years. There is no hope for a noncompliant bipolar period (and I am even a mental health professional myself which is how I met this very charismatic brilliant guy) . You deserve better! IT WILL NOT EVER GET BETTER EVER, EVER, EVER! All sorts of people will tell you it will and give you loving schmoozie stories. They are deluding themselves and you. I am telling you the truth. It won't ever get better! I am not bitter or hateful I'm just realistic and I'm done!

December 16, 2018 - 7:00pm


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