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I had the exact same problem & situation...my ex said the exact same things to me. In the beginning he told me it wad him then suddenly it was all my fault. I went out of my way doing & doing & he'd critique & complain on occasion. One major difference is that he never took Care of my needs; it was all one sided. Interesting, he'd complain about my performance during sex, but I did all the work. He hardly ever got on top. If we changed positions (him actually doing something) he still rarely could ejaculated. He only did via oral sex or masturbation. He also masturbated several times a day & watched porn all the time. We rarely
Had sex & I always did. It was him "having a headache". I usually iniated it & then it resulted in him only wanting oral sex; nothing for me. If I rarely didn't want to give oral sex, he'd become angry. It hurt to be blamed, be putdown, be told my rythym was off, I didn't d
Do it for him, etc, when earlier he said it was him. I should have seen the red flag when he told me that sex slows down when he starts dating someone seriously. He also loved strip clubs. I'm so glad after 2 yrs I left, but it was because (in addition to this), he became verbally & physically abusive.

had sex and I was the one that usually iniatr was off

June 11, 2012 - 7:51am


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