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I totally agree and might not have been as nice when I said it. This guy has issues and it's not fair nor cool he's blaming HIS issues and inability to perform and instead balmes an innocent girl who is obviously going above and beyond to please and help him because I'd be dammed if I'd take direction and orders while performing oral sex on him! In my opinion if this is how he deals with this issue, making it all about YOU, I'd forsee this as a HUGE WARNING sign to move on and tell him to seek a professional doctor for his medical or mental condition instead of giving YOU a condition! I think in my opinion you're too good to be with someone who obviously doesn't deserve you or know how to be in a mature relationship and handle intimate delicate situations such as this! Imagine if YOU ever have a medical condition involving intercourse just IMAGINE how he would react then!? Take this as a warning sign and MOVE ON SISTER! YOU DESERVE BETTER I THINK! This sounds borderline abusive in my opinion.

May 30, 2015 - 7:59pm


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