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I have suffered from Inhibited Ejaculation all my life. I'm now 55 years old. This is a problem that is extremely hard to fix. I know I went to therapists off and on for 10 years trying to get it fixed. Mine was "situational" which meant that I had no ejaculation problems the first time I would have sex with someone, or during paid sex or one night stands. It was only when a relationship would start to form that my sexual functioning would shut down like someone shutting off a light switch. My marriage has been sexless because of this and we had to go to a fertility specialist in order for her to get pregnant. Luckily she has accepted the fact that this problem can't be cured and that I don't enjoy sex if I can't cum. Lots of therapists for told me what they THINK is causing it but they all say something different. From my own research it looks like some kind of intimacy anxiety.

May 12, 2018 - 5:28pm


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