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Hi there.. and thank you for your suggestion. I am going to look it up and try and see if he would be open to taking an all natural supplement. It really sounds great to me :) Also thank you for the kind words .. I will not give up and I do know that it is not me:) I do feel sexy and will keep my head up.and do what I have to do in the mean time..;) Since my last post I went to him and talked about everything. He claims its not the weed..but I think that is his way of not finding anything wrong with his use. He said that he's not happy with the way he looks and gained a little weight so maybe that is why,,, We both gained a little weight..but that didnt do anything to my sex drive ( we didnt gain that much weight).. also he says he's not horny before the smoking or after smoking weed.and he doesnt know why.. he also said that I am in my prime and my libido has increased as a womans does after 30 and his has decreased because he's getting older..if that is the case as a man he still should want sex atleast once a week..not once every one or two months.. It seems as though he is trying to come up with excuses. But I think you are right.. he probably isnt able to keep an erection and his libido has decreased.. and he's embarrased. I truly believe the weed smoking has something to do with it. So I will look into that product.. thanks to all again for all of your very helpful advice :) I will keep you posted..

April 12, 2011 - 8:38pm


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