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Thanks for your comment, Dr. Baxter. The jargon in the industry certainly makes the real situation difficult for many people to understand. In fact, I've heard the term "form-stable" applied to all the current generation of silicone breast implants, no matter what their shape, along with terms like "cohesive gel" and "gummy bear."

In the case of a teardrop shaped implant (which Mentor now calls "shaped" or "contoured"), it makes sense that the gel would need to be more firm in order for the implant to hold its form...but manufacturers like Mentor certainly don't make that clear (and I don't know that I've read that anywhere). Some of the plastic surgeons I've researched do say the filling is pulled toward the bottom of these implant when the patient is upright. So I presume the silicone gel used to fill this style of implant is more firm than in the case of round implants but not completely firm? Is that a fair statement?

Thanks again for your reply.

April 21, 2011 - 9:20am


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