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(reply to kimromancorle)

thank you so much for your reply it certainly gave me some understanding. I do see Greece or is that my decision was a good one because I feel like I’m a freak just married four months and got depressed in my marriage and left and so I think that people look at me as the predator. I did want to confirm with you on the issue of continuing therapy here where I am until I get well or do as he is asking in return to Virginia and start new therapy there? I tried to contact him after I read your reply to see if we can form a simple communication and who is completely taken back by how hostile his tone was throughout the whole communication he belittled my therapist and accuse my therapist of so many ugly things because she advised that I stay here and continue
here as in so far as my therapy goals. I think my husband was just so upset that he did not have the power and that the therapist is in the middle that he just became so enraged. . I truly know I made the right decision it’s just so hard to understand. How can I get out from under his power control?

January 15, 2018 - 4:31pm


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