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I've been married now 25 years, the first two weeks of marriage my new husband hit me twice in the face and it shocked me, I stayed in the marriage. He continued to get in my face on numerous times when we argued. He put his forehead against mine and scream in my face, and one time really hurt my ear from yelling in my ear. One occasion he chocked me. It got better he didn't hit me anymore, I had no support system, no family that would understand. He hasn't physically hit me anymore and its years later we are both middle aged and I want to know if its also abuse to completely neglect me? What I mean by that is he never sleeps with me always sleeps downstairs and he works all the time I hardly see him and when I do he constantly finds fault in me. I'm financially dependent on him. He works all the time never date nights but when he wants sex it last 10 minutes still he is satisfied. I cant stand having sex with him, but I do it out of obligation because he treats me better when I give in. I want to know if I'm in an abused marriage still? He is a good man, good worker pays bills doesn't drink anymore, what do I do?

March 24, 2018 - 5:42pm


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