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This article is totally my life that I am breaking free from by divorcing my husband. We have three small children but God has given peace to my heart that I cannot live a life of emotional as well as verbal abuse. During this divorce process he has become physically abusive as well because I have taken away his control of me and he is holding on to every last piece that he can. I believe that he has mental health issues as well that were triggered immensely by me filing divorce which concerns me since I am the working parent and he stays at home with the three little ones. If I put bullet points to the statements in the article it represents my life except the fact that my family saw it for years before I did and would mention it to me but I was so trapped inside the abuse that I did not know that it was "abuse". I have told my attorney that I felt raped when I got pregnant with our 9 month old as I was verbally being abused to the point I would just give in to the sex to make the abuse stop for the moment. I am trying to find who I am as a woman in God's eyes as well as in the eyes of other Christians versus a wife that was just complying to her abusive husbands demands which is not love at all. He goes so far to quote bible versus/passages at me to try and control my actions. I am standing up and saying no more abuse. I pray for all you so that you can have the strength to stand against the evil one that has become part of your spouse as it is very much a spiritual battle that is being fought as well as a physical one whether emotionally or verbally or a physical act.

March 29, 2018 - 12:45pm


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