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Oh my.

Jacquie, you really got hit young. My son was 16 when we realized something was seriously wrong but he was sick for probably a year before that. Great -- I have CFS and don't recognize it in my own son, struggling on his own for a year. Oh well. When he got desperately sick I saw it.

He's turning 21 this month. No drivers licence. No dating. No buddies to hang with, except on the net. Thank God for the net! He had a job interview for packing groceries this weekend and will hear in a few days whether he'll get the job or not. Torn between being pleased for him because he might be able to do this, and worried it might throw him into a crash. He has been fortunate, recovering a good bit in the last 4 years or so.

Tough for all you kids. (You are young enough to be my daughter so I get to call you a kid.:) And no, there aren't many who understand.

Sometimes I think I have written everything I can write and am just repeating myself. But comments like yours here tell me I should keep on writing about CFS. Told a friend blogger once, we'll just paper the internet, until what we write overwhelms all the inaccurate misinformation out there about CFS.

I hope that improvement and strength and pleasure are ahead of you Jacquie.


May 2, 2011 - 7:36am


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