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HERWriter (reply to Jac_15)

Nothing to apologize for, Jacquie. :)

You may yet be able to put things into words, the brain fog may one day be gone or at least lessened. I used to write, for a website, a homeschool organization and my church newsletter. A decade ago I had to leave all that and everything else I'd been doing because of CFS.

The next 6 yrs or so I could hardly write my own name. Went through a time I couldn't read because I couldn't understand it, a time I couldn't read because it would bring on such severe symptoms I had to go to bed the rest of the day.

Writing anything would also put me into bed. After some recovery I could write but ... had nothing to say and nobody to say it to. That was still the case up till 2 yrs ago when my husband was able to buy me a laptop and I found my way onto the net. But a year before that I couldn't have done more than scrabble out an occasional short email.

Don't let go of hope. Hope in spite of everything.


May 3, 2011 - 7:34am


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