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I feel your pain. I've had similar/same issue since I was 19 (right after birth of first child) - I'm 33 now. My breasts don't usually hurt (unless around cycles/pregnancies) but my nipples are ALWAYS sensitive to the point of pain. I can't let the shower hit them directly, can't sleep without wireless bra/sleep bra, can NEVER go without support(bra) and have had serious issues in love life because it hurts to be touched so no fun there. I've tried no caffeine, I'm gluten&dairy free, and I take a daily vitamin.... I can't seem to find anyone who knows anything about this. There aren't even any health articles about it. The only answers I ever see are hormones (which would allow for periods of relief when changed), and breastfeeding.... I'm about to start trying a nipple numbing cream I found online... we'll see how that works. PLEASE let me know if you find out ANYTHING. It really is a nightmare to deal with. :/

September 8, 2014 - 2:06am


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