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My fiancee is clinically depressed and not only does she constantly talk about wanting to die and to kill herself but she will tell me things like: I dont make her happy, I am not good enough, and "I'm drowning and dying every day. I want to give up".

We have spent a lot of time working together to understand her depression and I try to support her and follow the tools I have learned from various websites . I dont blame her, I dont try to fix her, I let her know that while her feelings are extreme she is never wrong for feeling a certain way. I ask how can I help and reassure her that I am here for her always.

Still, am I not allowed to feel like shit when she says shes rather die than be with me another day? Is my fiancee emotionally abusing me? It sure feels like she is. Or am I an idiot who doesn't understand hardcore clinical depression?

September 10, 2014 - 10:48am


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