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I have sleep apnea also. I have had 3 sleep studies and have to go for another one next week. They are terrible for me. But the doctor says I may need the pressure on the CPAP adjusted or I may need oxy gen at night. Oh, woe is me.....

I thought that was weird too, that the Mirapex gives you insomnia. I also take Klonopin. I wonder if it does anything for me. It was the first medicine I was given for the RLS/EKD.

A wonderful book "Restless Legs Syndrome, Coping With Your Sleepless NIghts". Written by Dr. Mark Buchfuhrer an a couple other doctors. It is almost all you would want to know about RLS/EKD. I have great respect for Dr. Buchfuhrer. He has a sleep clinic in Downey, Cal. You can even email him with your questions and he will email you back, usually with in a couple days. I got my book from Amazon at a very reasonable price.


June 6, 2011 - 8:22pm


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