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To say that there are not health benefits to moderate tanning is unrealistic, and sounds defensive. You cannot pinpoint this one woman's tanning as causing cancer. We don't know of every burn she ever got since she was young, whether she burned in the tanning bed when she did go, or her family's medical history. Myself, I have no skin cancer on either side of my family. I tan extremely moderately, never get pink, have no moles, and am so unlikely to develop skin cancer that it doesn't cross my mind. I am exposed to less UV as a tanner than probably lots of people my age just because they are outside and at the beach so much while I am not. Breast cancer does run in my family, and the Vitamin D my mother and I get from tanning reduces our risk and chance of survival up to 75%. These are the numbers that matter to me.

June 5, 2011 - 11:13am


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