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There should be a legal limit, in my opinion. A. These babies can suffer a lot of physical issues, stuff you may or may not see or detect or diagnose until well after they're born. Multiply these issues by six or more babies and... Well, you get where I'm going here. It's not fair to them.

B. The mother suffers from taking whatever drugs are necessary to birth so many babies-- if you haven't noticed, mothers seem to age at least ten years after such procedures. Octo's only thirty-four and she looks like she's gracing fifty. And based on how she expresses herself on national television, I imagine she's experiencing mental and physical anguish as well, making for even more medications (anti-depressants and so much more) to ease her pain. But, alas, she brought all of this upon herself.

C. How many of these parents electing to have multiple embryos injected into them are financially and emotionally responsible individuals? If not many, and I bet there are very very few of them out there, then how many babies should American taxpayers be financially and emotionally responsible for? Is this fair to the rest of us?

The reason Toxo's doctor lost his license, aside from a lack of responsibility, is that he participated in a scheme to swindle tons of dollars from unsuspecting Americans. But they're onto it now. You'd be surprised by how many people are involved in this scam, not limited to Octo, Docto, Octo's "baby-boyfriend" and other friends, and even that whiny landlord. I think it's a good thing for humankind that he lost his license.

June 8, 2011 - 7:50am


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