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I truly believe the decision on how many embryos are transfered during an IVF cycle should be based on the medical need of the patient, as determined by the expert doctor.

Today, we are discussing sextuplets born in California and Pennsylvania. Both states lack a mandate for insurance companies to cover the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. Multiple studies have shown the cost on insurance premiums are lower in states with a mandate to cover infertility treatment. One reason is because there are less higher order multiples (triplets or more). Why? Patients, desperate to build their families are able to make important decisions (like how many embryos to transfer) based on medical need rather than financial concern. The patients choose to transfer fewer embryos.

Medical care needs to remain personalized. The way to reduce higher order multiples is not to standardize medicine, but to provide medical coverage for the diagnosis and treatment for this disease.

To learn more about the studies I mentioned above, please visit http://www.fertilityhealthadvocatesne.org/Supportive-Information.html

All my best,
Fertility Within Reach

June 9, 2011 - 8:09am


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