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"Tell us:
Do you think there should be a legal limit to how many embryos can be implanted in a woman? Why or why not?"

In reply to the above comment, I quote the article's question. That is the topic presented and the above comments were in response to that. No where in the article does it state that the parents of this particular set of sextuplets used fertility drugs to stimulate the mother's ovaries. But the article assures us the parents knew the risks and carried through the pregnancy, hoping for the best.

In light of privacy laws, we have no way of knowing exactly what method was used to produce these sextuplets. For all anyone knows, the mother could be speaking truthfully or she could be lying. All anyone can do is look at the circumstances surrounding her. Quite frankly, the circumstances aren't very attractive.

Fertility treatment is expensive and not covered by insurance. It's rarely successful each time it's used. Now, do the math: This couple had an 8 month old baby at the time the sextuplets were conceived. Think about that. Their precious baby was barely weaned to solid food, not even out of diapers...Why on earth was this couple racing to a fertility specialist so quickly, seeking baby-to-back pregnancies? What was the rush for? How much of the first baby's needs were not met, or postponed, to pay for the next fertility treatments? After all, there is only so much money to go around. For the rest of that child's life, she will have to take a back seat because she now has to defer to her 6 little siblings. Those 6 siblings will have all sorts of needs that will be far more compelling than hers needs. I feel sorry for the "big" sister, who is likely not even potty trained yet. Poor little girl.

And yes, Mom and Dad knew the risks. Why not abort some of the embryos, in order to give the remaining a better life? Because of some twisted pro-life belief, of course. Quality of life for each child is the true sign of a parent's love, not the quantity of the children!

This couple was not desperate to have a baby. They already had a baby. They're just hoarding.

June 11, 2011 - 7:18am


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