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Thanks. I tend to be a worrier! But, I like to stay informed as well, but one can go crazy looking up info and getting condradicting info! I just write downa ny questions i have and talk to my OB.
I was 41 when i was diagnosed and I'm peri menopausal! So, one can imagine, the changes your body is going through and .then having an STD you arent informed on!

I think I blammed myself because it was a "friends with benefits" realtinship for over 8 years, While I was only with him, I guess I wasn't the only one he was with. I should have insisted on protection, but I trusted him. When I told him, he asked if I had any symptoms, told him what I was told, told him to have any of his other partners to go for a test,a nd his last words to me------- See ya!

I was angery , depressed, furious, sad, scared,distruaght, terrified, a basket case. So, if anybody who has HPV has those emotions, from what I have gathered from the site, it's normal. :) Phew!

June 10, 2011 - 6:07am


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