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That is truly a powerful story. I actually know it well. I and my three sisters have all undergone double mastectomies, in 3 cases prophylactically on both sides, in one case (the case that prompted our genetic testing) my sister already has a breast cancer diagnosis in one breast and had the other prophylactically removed, only later to learn there was already cancer in that breast. And like your story, my mom had breast cancer some 30 years ago, in her early 50's, but she survived, only to battle lymphoma today at age 89. Still, it's miraculous, don't you think? To live that long following a breast cancer diagnosis in the 60's....

I wish you and your sisters the best. Welcome to the sisterhood of previvors, we women who make the bold move to have healthy breast tissue (and in my case, ovaries as well) removed to avoid our own day of diagnosis.

Thanks for sharing and all the best,
Susan Beausang, 4Women.com

June 13, 2011 - 1:43pm


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