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Hello Susan,

Wow, thanks for the very thoughtful comment! I don't know if others will find it controversial, but I surely don't. I think you misunderstood me a wee bit though, as I believe we agree entirely.

I was pointing out a Today Show piece blaming the media for not showcasing images of older women. I was then pointing out that the same complaints are made for every other topic category (weight, color, height). I for one am surely sensitive to the fact that all media images of women would lead one to believe that you have to have thick, long, perfect hair to count as "beautiful". But my main point was that we're wasting oxygen griping about it because those images have one purpose - to sell products, and so they're never going to use regular, real looking people.

So, my concluding point is we don't need real people images, we just need real people clothes options. As a post-60-yr-old who does love fashion, does love dressing up, does like to express myself with clothes, I sometimes resent that the majority of fashion options (at least latest styles, not talking vintage here) are styled, shaped, sized for 16-20-yr-olds. I want to be fashionable, but 5-inch heels, major cleavage revealing necklines, miniskirts, etc, just are not flattering on a 60-yr-old woman. I want to be hip at 60+, but not a teeny-bopper look-alike.

In support of my call for fashion that includes those of us who don't approximate the magazine cover girls, I then point out that hey, I have way more disposable fashion-shopping income now that I'm older, without dependents, then I did at magazine covergirl age, and so, if there's others who think like me, lets vote with our dollars and we're bound to see change, as THAT is what a capitalist democracy listens to - money.

I respect anyone no matter what floats their boat - if it's walking about in pj's, fine by me. If it's emulating the dignity of women who hustle their fruits on the streets of Africa, fabulous. If it's the style of the day on NYC's runways, that's my taste. Afterall, fashion design runs in my veins. I just want to voice the request that when I go to boutiques and malls, someone present me with some options that reflect where I am the zillions of other post-30 women are at in this country.

Thanks for writing! I love the topic!

June 14, 2011 - 9:49am


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