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(reply to ANEESAH)

I understand now...you did not have a period because you were breastfeeding. Sorry I missed that earlier.

Since you have all of the symptoms of a period, and it is only a week early, the bleeding you are experiencing would most likely be your period. Your period may be irregular for a while since you are still breastfeeding, so it won't necessarily be possible for you to know precisely when you ovulate. To know when you ovulate, a few tips:
1. Most women ovulate 2 weeks before their periods begin. This information is not all that helpful, since you would not know when you ovulate until after-the-fact, however, you can track this on a calendar.
2. Ovulation predictor kits can be useful, but expensive
3. Check your basal temperature or cervical mucus, and track these on special charts, as these are the best indicators for ovulation signs.

good luck! Please know that it takes most women 6-12 months of trying to conceive before they become pregnant, and this is for women who have no fertility issues, are not breastfeeding, etc. It may take you a little longer to conceive, as breastfeeding may/may not effect your ovulation cycle.

July 3, 2011 - 7:30pm


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