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Hi Anon,

I'm sorry you have such an insensitive boyfriend. His comments to you do not make sense at all-- to say that he likes the thrill of the chase and then say that when you are in love you don't talk dirty to someone is an oxymoron. He does not know what love is if he tells you that he loves you and then turns around an blatantly disrespects you by "sexting" other women and saying he likes the chase. I don't usually say this to anyone who posts for advice on their relationships but dump this loser and move on. You are far better than anyone telling you that they enjoy the chase of sending sexual text messages to other women and that is isn't ok to talk dirty to them if you're in love (it's perfectly fine and normal to talk dirty to your boyfriend/husband/lover).

Wishing you happiness,


July 14, 2011 - 7:20am


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