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yea this is true but many relationships do still happen even if you have sex the firt date or week. If you know you know and the chemistry is there from the start. Just skipped all the bullshit and got to the piont. here's the thing no it's not bullshit getting to know that person and spending time with them but there is always time for that and so much more comfortable because you know that person inside and out. why prolong the inevitable, like I said if the chemisrty is there. The problem is guys are always terrified of comitment. And the feelings that come with sex that's why they have girl friends because they like the company but don't want the comitment. But what they don't get is why not have both. That is if you like the girl and if you liked her enough to want....well some guys only care about sex. so and some girls that's all they want too. But if it is beautiful and you can't stop thinking about her and what you should do.. What's so hard about it you already did, knowingly about your intintions. There must have been something about her. As far a week alot can happen, alot can happen in oneday that could change your life forever and never leave you the same.... The waiting bullshit is just a gaurd us girls use so we don't get hurt but truth is we will anway somehow someway. But yes you should deffinantly...don't reccomend doing something like that unless you really think they are worth it.
Because you are worth it, worth the waite. And if they are they will reveal it either way. Taking a leap of faith is never easy.

July 18, 2011 - 4:45pm


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