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Thanks for your reply. I understand the holidays restrictions but there is something that I didn't explain very well. I'm only 27 years old and I have been experiencing under arm and breast pain and it has been almost 10 times that I keep getting in such pain with symptoms of fever, nausea, loss of appetite and how I get in such pain with all these symptoms is very random it comes and goes a lot. I have been to my doctor for this and he has given me antibiotics until I felt better but the pain and problem keeps coming back. It doesn't even go away. I have been to a breast surgeon and he told me he doesn't see anything under my arms but since I've been in such pain and is a random problem he told me once I experience such problem I should go see him right away to figure out the problem. So far it's like this for me. My doctor who knows my whole problem and history he doesn't know what more to tell me because he doesn't see any problem and next week I'm going to see him for follow up. He's a oncologist.
What I'm wondering from this point is what should I tell my oncologist due to how I keep feeling like this which is very random? I'm going to explain to him everything I can and especially since this is a random problem my concern would be what I should do if in case I feel like this during the holiday Yom Kippur? I want to tell my doctor that if he can help me with this matter before the holiday.
I keep getting random sharp pain under my arms and my doctor keep saying I don't see anything, but I'm actually feeling a lot of pain and I want to know what is best I can tell me doctor to understand to help me solve this matter as soon as possible?
At some point when it really bothers me I end up crying and I don't know what is this that my doctor doesn't understand. I'm not in that kind of pain right now with the symptoms I mentioned it's all very, very random. It comes and goes a lot. I'm really tired from all this and when I see my doctor next week what more you think is best I tell him? Whatever you think is best I mention do you think is best I contact a Rabbi so he write a letter or something explaining that since I have such problem to solve this issue before the holiday arrives so I can show it to my doctor? I know during Yom Kippur you should be feeling well so the holiday goes well. I'd really appreciate your suggestion. I'm going to see my doctor next week on Wednesday I'd like to know before I see him what is best for me to let me doctor know.


July 27, 2011 - 1:12pm


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