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Thanks for your reply. I didon't explain further my oncologist he is a kind of doctor who understand womens breast pain. He's been helpful all the way but in this matter I've been experiencing pain he told me the lymph nodes under the arms would be swollen if I experience such pain and symptoms but he doesn't always see it being like that. It's been like three times so far that he told me my under arm is infected and from this point I want to tell him something in a way to convince him to help me with this matter.
I have been to a breast surgeon and told me once I experience such pain and problem I should see him right away. So far it's like that for me between the breast surgeon. For the hoiday Yom Kippur I want to know what do you think is best I should tell my doctor to make him understand to help me solve this issue before the holiday? My doctor told me to see an infectious disease specialist which I did and told me it's not I.D. and that the problem is from something else because the doctor felt something hard under my left arm.
Do you think if I mention such thing to a rabbi and maybe if he writes a small letter that since I have medical problem to be solved before the holiday? Do you think it's a good idea coming from a rabbi?
Please let me know soon.

July 27, 2011 - 2:02pm


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