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I also have a degree, and I found no glaring errors. Seems the above critic wants to blow off the entire article for some reason of her own.
My mother (who was also a college graduate) chose to stay home until my younger sister went off to college. From her, I learned to stay at home and watch soap operas and eat. I also had to endure her constant criticism. My self-esteem even now at nearly age 50 has not entirely recovered.
I now see all 3 of my grandsons that have gone to day care are far less shy than me or my sister. They had no problems adjusting to school, unlike some of my friend's children who stayed with grandma and hardly ever socialized with other children.
I have so wished that my mother had worked! We also had to do without much of the time because of the lack of money.

July 31, 2011 - 9:26pm


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