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This is not true. Because Trich and BV are so similar many doctors do not recognize it. I was in a relationship with someone for 4 years. I had frequent pap-smears don't once every 6 months. All my results came bck negative. I had a series of bacterial vagina's infections and my doctor kept prescribing flagyl but I intermittently got symptoms. Eventually I stopped taking flagyl and tried alternative medicine to balance my phone. My boyfriend and I broke up. I remained sexually abstinent for 1 year before having sex with a new guy. 6 months into my ne
w relationship I and my new partner were std tested. We both got negative results but I was told I had BV. I decided to not take flagyl because of a few posts I read online. Nevertheless, my new boyfriend and I had unprotected sex. 4 days later he started experiencing burning abd discharge from his penis. He went to the doctor and they told him hehad an std. They weren't sure what the disease was. I went to my doctor and she said nothing was wrong with me. I just have bacteria. I decided to go to another doctor who took a sample of cervix and looked under a microscope immediately herself. Boom! Trich was my problem. My new doctor prescribed flagyl and my boyfriend only used flagyl also. We are both now free of the infection.

August 15, 2014 - 12:47pm


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